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Midwives at Palm Beach Maternity Center

The midwives at Palm Beach Maternity Center are all licensed healthcare practitioners educated in the disciple of midwifery.  Their preparation enables them to provide a wide range of services to women throughout their lifetime, whether they are teenagers or in their 50’s.

Like an OB, or doctor, your midwife can provide prenatal care, labor, birth, and postpartum care. Yet, midwives can, among others, provide family planning and preconception care, prenatal exams, physical and psychological tests, gynecological exams, etc.

Additionally, our midwives are also trained on positions to give comfort for the laboring mom, which can help with the birth, and homeopathic techniques.

Midwife means “with woman” and this is what makes midwifery unique. We stay on top of every detail as your birth progresses. Once admitted at the birth center, our team will be attentive to your needs, whether that is for one, two, or twenty hours. Depending on the length and physicality of your birth, the midwife will need to switch from her health practitioner role to resting, so that she can be alert during the peaks of your labor or if an emergency arises.

We are a community-based birth center. We take pride on developing long-term relationships with our clients. As midwives, we do not treat our clients as a number, but as people, who feel and need care beyond a chart.

We are prepared to offer IVs, oxygen, neonatal resuscitation, medications for hemorrhage, IV supplies, and suturing instruments, among other supplies that will be needed during your birth. 


Midwifery Model of Care


Midwifery care is very different from the typical hospital model. We believe that birth is a natural process that should have little to no interventions. We also believe that women should be supported wherever they choose to birth, in and out of the hospital. We offer:

Holistic Care - Respect your birth wishes and do not restrict your needs (i.e. you can eat, move, bathe, and birth in any position that feels natural to you). Our midwives will track the baby’s progression with the use of dopplers to let the mom’s movement be natural.

Counseling - Throughout the prenatal visits we will provide you and your family with dedicated time to ask questions and address your concerns; educational classes and resources; health information; and, recommendations 

around tests and procedures catered to you. Additionally, we will be there to coach you through the birth and during our postpartum visits. We are here to empower your birth experience.

Monitoring - Our team will continuously monitor your physical and psychological health to make sure you are prepared for your birth experience. Also, we will track your prenatal progress and diagnose, as needed, in order to make sure your pregnancy stays as low-risk as possible.

Our model let’s us guide the mom through a natural process without the intervention of continuous monitoring. We know that every birth is different, and as such, we are patient with every birth’s progression. It has been proven and documented by several professionals that midwifery care can reduce substantially C-section and birth trauma rates.

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