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Meet The Team

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Mandy Rojas

Mandy Rojas started her journey into Midwifery in 2010, completing her Midwifery program in 2013 at International Institute of Health Care Professionals. I have been supporting women in and out of the hospital since 2010. I have also attended hundreds of births as a midwife assistant, doula, & midwife.

My background started out working at A Birth Center in Hallandale Beach, Fl. My preceptors Mary Harris L.M. & Deborah Digiacomo L.M. helped me become the midwife I am today. I am now the proud owner of Gift of Life Pregnancy Services, LLC DBA Palm Beach Maternity Center and Palm Beach Maternity Center & Company, LLC. My most prized possessions are definitely my beautiful 3 children that I have the privilege of being a mother to. 


Jennifer Roberts


Marguerite Epstein

Marguerite Epstein LM is our clinical director who makes sure that Palm Beach Maternity Center is compliant with all Florida rules and regulations governing a birth center. She lives in North Florida and works from home for the most part, but you may meet her when she makes her monthly visits to Palm Beach.


Marguerite graduated from the National School of Technology in Miami Beach with a degree in Midwifery in 1995.  That same year, with her business partner, she helped start the Miami Beach Maternity Center which was the first birth center in South Florida.  She also assisted in developing the International School of Midwifery in Miami Beach. In 2003, Marguerite also helped start A Birth Center in Hallandale Florida with Dr. Wayne DiGiacomo and was the clinical director there for many years. She still works with Dr. DiGiacomo assisting him as he is the consulting physician for Palm Beach Maternity Center and many other birth centers throughout the state.


Marguerite loves assisting women in reclaiming their power, as women, though childbirth.


Suzane Bacelar Films

Specializing in creating nostalgic, love-soaked, cinematic films and photos for families who want more than the traditional photography. I help parents create the ultimate time capsule of their life together as a family with video and photos, so they can keep their memories alive, in motion and with sound.


With my camera in hands, I'm an artist who captures the special relationships amongst family members. Whether it's a special day or just any Sunday afternoon, I’ll turn what would be an ordinary moment into something beautiful and extraordinary as a memory in motion! I take people through time with my films, so parents and children can always revisit their past while preserving it for the future. My work is very nostalgic and I love to bring people back to the way they felt in a certain moment and, at the same time, remind kids of how much they were and are loved! 


I found myself really drawn to video. I quickly realized that it was the perfect medium for telling meaningful family stories, like births, grandparents' legacies, motherhood journeys, or a normal afternoon spent together... Capturing moments and interactions that could otherwise be forgotten! Since then, I've created some of the most touching images and films while working with wonderful families on a very emotional journey that for so many is the meaning of life.

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