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Why offer an obligation-free consultation?

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During our consultations we take the time to answer questions and concerns, get to know your wishes for your birth, tour the facility, and meet some of our staff. It is very important for our team to understand your needs and the needs from the people surrounding you through this beautiful time in your life.

Our consultations typically last 30-60 minutes, which allows plenty of time to get to know you and your wants and needs.

What to expect?



Again, this time is catered to the mom-to-be, so our team will be interested to know the following - but we are here to listen and help if you don’t know some of the information:

  1. Estimated due date (EDD)

  2. Any previous pregnancies and births; health history

  3. Experiences with midwifery practice

  4. Birth plans

In addition, our staff will guide you through the following:

  1. What is midwifery and how can we help you and your family achieve the birth you want

  2. Birthing centers vs hospitals

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Should I prepare anything for the consultation?



Although, our consultation will determine if our staff is a good fit for your birth, we strongly encourage for you to bring some of the following information with you:

  1. Current health provider’s information (if any)

  2. Insurance information

Nevertheless, this time is for you to get to ask as many questions as you can.

Contact Us here or call us at (561) 729-0411 and one of our team members will reach out to you to schedule your no-obligation free consultation.

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